Public Interest Tech Case Studies

A platform for university students and teachers interested in public interest technology.
Find detailed case studies of student projects that have come out of public interest technology classes, as well as curriculum planning, reading lists, and syllabi to teach PIT classes.

This site features detailed accounts of public interest technology projects that have emerged out of university classes — as well as resources for planning and teaching these courses.

Explore our growing collection of case narratives, syllabi, and other resources that can help you as you work on establishing a new public interest tech class, or work on a project that’s focused on public interest tech.

Cases and Resources

The Social Isolation Project: Berkeley Experiences

Project: Berkeley Experiences, which aimed to combat social isolation on college campuses Team: Nseke Ngilbus, Anubhav Shankar, Lindsey Guan, Anh Tu-Lu Class: The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovation Context: Application-based undergraduate course at UC Berkeley geared towards rising juniors with a passion for health, wellness, social impact, and design Executive Summary The Social…

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Carnegie Mellon’s Policy Innovation Lab class resource portfolio

Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College offers a 7-week class Policy Innovation Lab, that pairs student teams with state-level policymakers to tackle local challenges. Distinguished Service Professor Christopher Goranson leads the class and developed a course resource portfolio that may help guide other university instructors who are planning out a similar Policy Lab course. This full…

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T2T: Language Access Texting

T2T is a translation technology project that facilitates communication between legal aid lawyers and their clients, across language barriers. This case study profiles its development, from a class project to an implemented pilot.

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