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A Platform for Best Practices

A Platform for
Best Practices

Building the Future of Public Interest Technology

Building the Future of
Public Interest Technology

Discover how new and innovative ideas stemming from the latest technological developments can change the lives of people everywhere for the better — from improving efficiency to solving intractable societal problems to saving lives.

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Case Studies

Public Problem Solving + Technological Change

Public Problem Solving + Technological Change

We are a group of visionary researchers, change-makers, data storytellers, and civic innovators committed to using technology skills to change the world. As an interdisciplinary collaboration of people with diverse backgrounds in fields as computer science, design research, and sociology, we develop evidence-based solutions that galvanize social and technological changes designed to advance the public good.

What is is a university platform to help students and faculty find the best ways to make a positive difference in their communities. The website gives detailed information about projects that have come out of PIT classes, as well as reading lists for those interested in teaching such courses.

How do you define public interest technology?

Public interest technology (PIT) uses the best practices of human-centered design, product development, process reengineering, and data science to help solve public problems. Our group is constantly learning how to improve our methods for creating better outcomes for our communities.

Public interest technology refers to the application of technology expertise to advance the public interest/generate public benefits/promote the public good.
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Explore the World of PIT

Get to know the diverse community and interdisciplinary world of public interest technology. Discover career pathways, case studies, and resources to use in your future endeavors as a professional or even for personal fulfillment today.

University Network

Discover the Public Interest Technology University Network, a partnership that unites students, faculty, colleges, and universities.

Case Studies

Search our growing collection of research, case narratives, syllabuses, experiential learning opportunities, and much more.


Explore resources designed to build the field of public interest technology through classroom resources and career support.

Shaping Technology for the Greater Good

For people who have a passion for technology and who want to help improve society through practices developed and honed by leading universities, you’ve come to the right place. On this website, you can find detailed accounts of tools and resources that will inspire and enable you to fulfill your own personal goals while contributing to the public good.

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