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University of Pennsylvania


Michael delli Carpini


Oscar H. Gandy Professor of Communication & Democracy and Faculty Director, SNF Paideia Program



The University of Pennsylvania is committed to the civic mission of higher education, and to the role of technology in the service of the public interest more specifically. We do so across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities through our teaching and courses, our research, and our engagement in the various local, national, and global communities of which we are a part. In the coming year we hope to further this mission through the creation of new PIT-related courses, supporting our newly formed PIT@Penn student club, and exploring possible collaborations with other Pit-UN universities.

Michael X. Delli Carpini, Oscar H. Gandy Professor of Communication & Democracy; Faculty Director, SNF Paideia Program; and Secondary Appointment, Political Science

Career Pipeline/Placement, Faculty & Institution Building, Strengthening the PIT University Network

The Penn-CMU Digital Health Privacy Initiative

The Penn-CMU Digital Health Privacy Initiative will grow a unique collaborative network focused on advancing research, training, and policy to address privacy and discrimination risks associated with the collection and use of health-related digital data.

Principal Investigator

Ari Friedman, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Medical Ethics, and Health Policy