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The Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) reimagines its annual convening and launches, PIT-UN Summit 2024, the marquee event for public interest technologists from across academia, government, civil society, and industry. 

“The name change reflects the growth and evolution of both PIT-UN and the public interest technology space. No longer just an intimate gathering of founding PIT-UN members, supporters, and funders shaping the field, the PIT-UN Summit will welcome stakeholders from all corners of the diverse PIT ecosystem. Our agenda-setting discussions will further galvanize the growing number of students, practitioners, and supporters eager to imagine, develop, and deploy technological tools, processes, and policies that that center the needs of people and communities."
Andreen Soley
Director of the Public Interest Technology Program at New America

What to Expect in 2024

Transformation: Leveraging Technology for Workforce Development and Social and Community Impact

The 2024 PIT-UN Summit will be hosted in thought partnership with Network member San José State University (SJSU), Silicon Valley’s only public university, on Nov. 7-8 in San José, California. PIT-UN Summit leadership will develop programming based on the theme Transformation: Leveraging Technology for Workforce Development and Social Impact.

“San José State is delighted to welcome the PIT-UN Summit to our campus next fall. Our university’s rich legacy in social justice is seen in our relentless commitment to supporting programs and resources that promote opportunities for historically underserved students. This, combined with our long-standing collaboration with civic leaders and seat in the heart of Silicon Valley alongside tech-industry giants, positions SJSU as a natural thought partner for PIT-UN and ideal host for its 2024 summit.”

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The 2024 PIT Summit will engage leaders from across Silicon Valley and beyond, including representatives from the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. In addition, student-facing activities such as the Spartan PITathon (WT), will provide students with opportunities to collaborate across disciplines to tackle real-world problems with an eye towards putting people at the center. Students will learn new skills as they network with peers and mentors as well as showcase their projects to future employers.


We  invite a broad spectrum of participants including Network Challenge grantees, PIT-UN institutional leaders and students, local, national, and international artists, scholars, and technologists, as well as local and national activists, activist groups, and community organizations.