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About Us

Our mission at PIT-UN is to help advance the field of public interest technology to bring positive impact to communities around the globe. We focus on the university ecosystem since this is where talent, skills, and ideas are born. Through our network, challenge, and content, we empower PIT students, faculty, and practitioners to achieve their goals.

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Our Audience

PIT Practitioners

Professionals working in PIT can benefit from PIT-UN by posting their job opportunities, connecting with universities, and sharing their experiences.

PIT Students

PIT-UN helps students to share their projects through case studies, discover new opportunities, and grow their career in public interest technology.

PIT Faculty

We empower PIT faculty by connecting them to other universities, providing class resources, and supporting them through meetings and opportunities.

Our Work

PIT News & Case Studies

We are a group of visionary researchers, change-makers, data storytellers, and civic innovators committed to using technology skills to change the world.  

Through our PIT News & Case Studies we share updates on PIT-UN members and projects, and provide a roundup of happenings in the PIT-UNiverse.


Launched in 2019, the Public Interest Technology University Network is a partnership that unites colleges and universities committed to building the field of public interest technology (PIT). Through the development of curricula, research agendas, and experiential learning programs in the PIT space, these institutions aim to develop graduates with skills and knowledge at the intersection of technology and policy.

Becoming a member of the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) brings many benefits to Network schools, students, and faculties including educational and networking opportunities, information sharing, and guidance.



The Network Challenge is a grant program designed to seed and support initiatives that grow public interest technology at the university level.

The network and challenge grants are funded through the support of the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Mastercard Impact Fund with support from the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, The Raikes Foundation, Schmidt Futures and The Siegel Family Endowment.

Get Involved by Submitting a Project

Promote your public interest technology case study, resource, or process on We are always looking for case narratives, syllabi, and other resources to add to our growing collection.


Elected Leadership

Effie MacLachlan

‘21-’23: Elected Lead of the Governance Standing Committee 

Ph.D., Director of Grants & Research Programs, City University of New York

Katie Cuminskey

’21-’23: Elected Co-Lead of the Governance Standing Committee

Ph.D., Professor, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, City University of New York

Tithi Chattopadhyay

’21-’23: Elected Lead of the Technology & Policy Standing Committee

Ph.D., Associate Director, CITP, Princeton University

Yunus Dogan Telliel

’21-’23: Elected Co-Lead of the Membership  Standing Committee

Ph.D. Professor, Anthropology and Rhetoric, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Robert Krueger

’21-’23: Elected Co-Lead of the Membership Standing Committee

Director of WPI’s Institute of Science and Technology for Development (InSTeD) & Director of the Provost’s Global Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Kenneth Fleischmann

’21: Elected Lead of the Faculty & Institution Building Working Group

Ph.D.,Professor, School of Information, UT Austin

Sylvester Johnson

‘21: Elected Lead of Career Pipeline & Placement Working Group

Ph.D., Assistant Vice Provost for Humanities, Virginia Tech

Previous Leadership

Azer Bestavros

’19-’21: Elected Lead of the Faculty & Institution Building Working Group

Associate Provost for Computing & Data Science, Boston University

Ali Whitmer

’19-’21: Elected Lead of the Career & Pipeline Working Group

Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Georgetown University

Pete Peterson

’19-’21: Elected Chair of the Governance Standing Committee

Dean, School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University

Saif Ishoof

’19-’21: Elected Lead of the Communications & Outreach Committee

Office of Engagement, Vice President, Florida International University

Eric T. Meyer

’19-’21: Elected Chair of the Membership Committee

Dean of the School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin

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