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the PIT-UN Convening is now the PIT-UN Summit

The 2024 PIT-UN Summit will be hosted in thought partnership with Network member San José State University (SJSU) on Nov. 7-8 in San José, California. 

Past Convening Highlights

Boston University Hosted the 2023 PIT-UN Convening

Organized around the theme of Partnership for Impact, the 2023 Convening explored how universities can partner with government, companies, universities and community organizations to foster public interest technology and address modern challenges. Topics included data privacy, equitable design, cybersecurity, ethics in AI, public infrastructure, green technologies and more.

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2022 UNConvening Hosted by the City University of New York

2020 PIT-UN
Virtual Convening

2021 PIT-UN Virtual Convening Hosted by Arizona State University

2019 PIT-UN Convening Hosted by Georgetown University


We will invite a broad spectrum of participants including Network Challenge grantees, PIT-UN institutional leaders and students, local, national, and international artists, scholars, and technologists, as well as local and national activists, activist groups, and community organizations.