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Charlton D. McIlwain


 Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement & Development



NYU will continue its commitment to public interest technology by continuing to support our central PIT organizing body – the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology. Our commitment extends to advancing every area of PIT development on our campus – shaping the curricular and extracurricular PIT knowledge and experience for undergraduate and graduate students, building the capacity for faculty to develop PIT research and engage with students and alumni, and engaging our alumni to help shape the students trajectory from campus to careers. Finally, our commitment to PIT is part and parcel our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion; PIT must be equitable tech, and we are committed to providing thought and operational leadership to ensuring that this is a reality.

Charlton McIlwain, Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement and Development; Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication

Network Building

Career Fair PIT-UN Challenge 2020
The PIT-UN career fair is a 1.5 day event at New York University (NYU) that brings together undergraduate and graduate students with PIT organizations and PIT faculty to learn about PIT careers, grow their PIT knowledge, make lasting connections, and collaborate in building the PIT-field at large. The fair is free and open to every student enrolled in a PIT-UN university, and the format can be institutionalized within PIT-UN and be hosted by another institution every year.

Principal Investigator

Mona Sloane, IPK Fellow & Organizer, NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, and Matt Statler, Richman Family Director of Business Ethics and Social Impact Programming and Clinical Associate Professor of Business and Society

Strengthening the Public Interest Tech University Network

NYU Public Interest Technology Institute

Principal Investigator

Anne Washington, Assistant Professor of Data Policy, and Meredith Broussard, Associate Professor at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute