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University of California Berkeley


Pamela Samuelson


Richard M. Sherman Distinguished Professor of Law


Susan Graham


Pehong Chen Distinguished Professor Emerita of Computer Science



Faculty and Institution Building

Algorithmic Justice at UC-Berkeley: cultivating PIT scholars and career pathways
Supporting the Algorithmic Fairness and Opacity Working Group’s efforts to develop a PIT cohort of undergraduates and junior scholars through skill building, reflection, critical service learning, and connections to the field of algorithmic justice.

Principal Investigators

Jenna Burrell, Associate Professor in the School of Information, and Deirdre Mulligan, Professor in the School of Information at UC Berkeley, Faculty Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology

Educational Offerings

Enhancing Public Interest Technology Education: A Multi-Program Collaboration To Enrich Interdisciplinary, Experiential Curriculum

A project to co-design, pilot, and scale with campus partners an enriched, experiential curriculum that bolsters technical and non-technical students’ ability and mindset to work across disciplines as leaders and innovators in the field of public interest technology.

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Mangold, Program Director, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership