Case Studies

These case studies capture the details and knowledge of how a public interest tech project can develop within, and after, a university class.

Each case includes details about the process, resources, learnings, outcomes, and reflections on a public interest tech project.

We encourage teachers to integrate them into curriculum, so that future students can learn from these cases, and critically reflect on public interest tech work.

Meaningful Cultural Representation in STEM Curriculum

How can STEM be taught in ways that increase the visibility of African-American heritage and its role in science and technology? This project focuses on curriculum development efforts that go beyond ‘performative’ diversity in science education, to more meaningful inclusion

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Conducting Online Ethnographies during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Field Research in Communication-Virtual Ethnography is a communications course aimed at instructing students on how to complete online ethnography methodology. This case study profiles how to develop curriculums, ethical plans, and sample projects for students to learn how to use online technology tools to do better ethnographic research.

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Boston Police Department Court Overtime: data science for policy-making

This case study features a data-analysis project conducted to provide policymakers with recommendations for reducing municipal spending on police court overtime in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. It grew out of a class at Boston University’s BU Spark! Lab, in which students work on small scale data science projects.

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Landslide Mitigation & Prediction

This student project emerged out of a Carnegie Mellon University policy innovation lab, to work on smart city challenges. It is a data-collection project implemented using remote-sensing technology in order to advise policymakers on how to reduce landslide risk in the township of North Huntingdon, PA.

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The Social Isolation Project: Berkeley Experiences

Project: Berkeley Experiences, which aimed to combat social isolation on college campuses Team: Nseke Ngilbus, Anubhav Shankar, Lindsey Guan, Anh Tu-Lu Class: The Fung Fellowship for Wellness and Technology Innovation Context: Application-based undergraduate course at UC Berkeley geared towards rising juniors with a passion for health, wellness, social impact, and design Executive Summary The Social…

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