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Landslide Mitigation and Prediction

Landslide Mitigation and Prediction
Landslide Mitigation & Prediction

Landslide Mitigation and Prediction

This project began in an interdisciplinary 2019 class whose theme was around smart cities and partnerships with local community stakeholders

Member Institution

Carnegie Mellon University

Case Study Lead(s)

Sean Cuff, Sean Hoover, Woojin Park, Arun Sharma


Landslide Mitigation and Prediction

Executive Summary

The Landslide Mitigation Project is a data-collection project implemented using remote-sensing technology in order to advise policymakers on how to reduce landslide risk in the township of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

The project was founded by students enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon interdisciplinary Policy Innovation Lab class, focused on the theme of Smart Cities, where students from across different schools partnered with community stakeholders to solve problems in the public interest.