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Case Studies

Each case includes details about the process, resources, learnings, outcomes, and reflections on a public interest technology project.

Take a look into Public Interest Technology projects led by PIT-UN members and grantees to learn from their experiences while advancing the field.

PIT Faculty

Career Pipeline & Placement

Discover how to support PIT students in finding and creating career opportunities

Strengthening the PIT University Network

Explore projects to empower the network while expanding the field of PIT

Educational Offerings

Learn from projects that improve the curricula and opportunities for PIT students

Faculty & Institution Building

Find innovative projects with the aim to empower PIT faculty and institutions

Technology Case Studies

Member Institutions

Discover all of the PIT-UN member institutions that offer PIT Studies to students and form part of this network collaborating on projects, content, case studies, events, and more.

Get Involved

Promote your public interest technology case study, resource, or process on We are always looking for case narratives, syllabi, and other resources to add to our growing collection.