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How to PIT: Student Reflections on the PKG Social Impact Program

How to PIT: Student Reflections on the PKG Social Impact Program

Public Interest Technology University Network Projects


 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

How to PIT

The Public Interest Technology University Network reached out to students from the Social Impact Internships and Employment Program at MIT’s Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center, which connects undergraduate students with internships for challenging opportunities that yield significant community impact, to hear firsthand how students can engage PIT.

How Students Define PIT

Developing technology for the sake of the greater good, regardless of the type of organization, it’s hosted under, whether it be an academic lab, a nonprofit, or a company. It means integrating voices to form cross-disciplinary approaches to global issues. Tech is meant to augment humanity in a way that pushes us forward; all it takes to initiate that progress is being cognizant of social implications and intentional with tech applications.

Mallika Pajjuri (’23) 

These past few years have brought the effects of injustices to disadvantaged populations to light. … We are far from equity and to me, PIT is a force of social change that can better the circumstances for these individuals by supporting them with technology and ensuring that their injustices are known.

Shaida Nishat (’22) 

PIT is about using technical skills to solve public problems. Our technology has grown so much, but often we end up creating the technology that creates profit for private companies rather than using technology to help our communities. Building technology for people and communities is very different than building for a profit, and PIT is learning that skill and applying it.

Andrea Arias (’22)


For me, being a part of PIT means that I get to be part of a community of different individuals throughout the nation working toward continuous improvement of our society. Through this organization, I have been able to learn from others’ interests in workplace automation, online learning, and civic infrastructure. Each individual has been able to find innovative ways to improve the lives of others through different sectors of STEM and government — developing their respective fields through positive social impact. By seeing their excitement in these endeavors, I am proud to work alongside PIT’s mission to confront technological and social change, and I look forward to the extraordinary breakthroughs that arise from it.

Julian Zulueta (’23)


PIT Projects

How Students Can Approach PIT Work

Explore Tech for Good Opportunities with the PGK Center

The PKG Center advertises Social Impact Internship and Employment opportunities offered by selected community partners on MIT Handshake. To search for Social Impact Employment positions on Handshake, use the filter feature. Scroll down to the “Labeled by Your School” field and select “PKG Funding Eligible” and/or “Federal Work-Study Eligible.”