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A Federal Cybersecurity Primer


July, 2023

Author: Bridget Chan is the program manager for #SharetheMicinCyber at New America, where she works to elevate the perspectives of a new, diverse generation of cybersecurity leaders. Prior to joining New America, Chan served as a program and management analyst intern at the U.S. Government Accountability Office and worked at ORS Impact, a consulting firm in Seattle specializing in impact monitoring and evaluation and strategic planning.

What is PIT?

What is PIT-UN?

5 Keys to Institutionalizing PIT

The great opportunities — and great threats — of highly networked technologies are no longer limited to military drone systems or corporate-level cybersecurity. Each of our personal accounts for email, social media and subscription services are vulnerable to attacks that can compromise our communities, workplaces and our national security at large.

In this policy primer, Bridget Chan addresses shifts in the technology and national security landscape, highlighting the Biden Administration’s recent developments in policy, capacity and priorities, and urging greater collaboration between public interest technologists and policymakers to bolster collective cybersecurity.

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