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Draft PIT Jobs Skills Taxonomy

Draft PIT Jobs Skills Taxonomy

This draft Jobs Skills Taxonomy was developed by students at Stanford’s Haas Center for Public Service, as part of their efforts to make PIT careers more legible and accessible to students. 

If you’re interested in offering feedback on the guide or collaborating somehow on Building PIT Career Pathways, we’d love to hear from you through our survey.

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Stanford University

Resource Summary

One of the greatest challenges in growing the field of Public Interest Technology (PIT) is developing legible career pathways and accessible career pipelines between PIT in academia and PIT in practice. 

This draft Taxonomy of PIT Jobs Skills can be used by students seeking career pathways, career counselors looking to advise them, and employers seeking to adjust existing job descriptions to attract PIT students, or create new roles that reflect the values and functions of PIT. 

The PIT University Network is seeking partners who want to build connections between PIT in academia and PIT in practice. To offer feedback on this Jobs Skills Taxonomy and / or let us know you’re interested in collaborating, please fill out this survey.

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