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The Social Isolation Project: Berkeley Experiences

The Social Isolation Project: Berkeley Experiences

The Social Isolation Project: Berkeley Experiences

Application-based undergraduate course at UC Berkeley geared towards rising juniors with a passion for health, wellness, social impact, and design

Member Institution

University of California, Berkeley

Case Study Lead(s)

Nseke Ngilbus, Anubhav Shankar, Lindsey Guan, Anh Tu-Lu


Berkeley Experiences, which aimed to combat social isolation on college campuses

Executive Summary

The Social Isolation Project is an initiative implemented using social media and event planning to tackle college loneliness and to create a safe space where students can host and engage with social events designed to foster new and existing friendships.

This project’s goal was to mobilize students who want to meet new people and encourage event attendees to bring their friends, thus reaching out to socially isolated students. The team focused on surveying the student body and conducting outreach via social media to create engaging events that reduce feelings of social isolation. Adding to the existing communities on Facebook that are only available to UC Berkeley affiliates, this space was meant to exist as a group called “Berkeley Experiences,” where students could create unique social events and invite new students to them.

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