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Report: Framework for AI Ethics Committees

Defending Democracy

November, 2023

What is Public Interest Technology?

5 Keys to Institutionalizing PIT

What is PIT-UN?

This report from the Center for Education and Research on Innovation at FGV São Paulo Law School in Brazil seeks to understand regulatory and corporate responsibility guidelines for governance capable of providing documentation, transparency, auditability, and explanation of AI solutions. 

It advocates for ethics committees and other organizational structures to apply principles and respond to ethical dilemmas, controlling and mitigating discriminatory bias, especially in cases of automated decisions.

  • Part 1: key concepts and the state of the discussion in the scientific community and industry. 
  • Part 2: five pillars of the framework for adopting AI ethics committees and details their possible configurations and internal processes.
  • Part 3: applying the framework to organizations.
  • Part 4: three case studies on existing AI ethics committees.

If you have any questions about the report, please feel free to contact the research team: Marina Feferbaum: marina.feferbaum[at]fgv.brGuilherme Klafke: guilherme.klafke[at] and Lucas Latin: lucas.latini[at]