Policy Innovation Lab Playbook

Use the CMU Policy Innovation Lab Playbook to guide student teams through a public interest tech project-based class, to scope and manage a project through to impact.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Policy Innovation Lab has published a playbook for other public interest tech + innovative policy courses: the Policy Innovation Lab Playbook.

It is meant for student teams in a project-based policy lab class to be better prepared to understand their challenge and follow through to impact. It includes key expectations and principles to start the project out with, as well as links and details on specific tools to use to improve a team’s success.

This Playbook can be an essential guide to the key steps and mindsets for a student team in a public interest tech class. Please find the link below to download, and be in touch with the Lab if you’re interested in exploring more along this line!

Download the Policy Innovation Lab Playbook

Download the Policy Innovation Lab Playbook at the link above. Be in touch with the Lab and its director, Christopher Goranson, if you are interested in giving feedback.

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