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Temple University

Temple University


Dr. Laura Maddux Bingham


Executive Director, Temple University Institute for Law, Innovation & Technology



The Temple Institute for Law, Innovation & Technology (iLIT) was created in 2021 with a mission to advance and inform multidisciplinary engagement and social justice at the intersection of law and technological innovation through coursework and teaching, applied research, community engagement, and
hands-on programming. iLIT uses Temple Law’s global reach to provide a new platform for opportunity, inquiry, training, and engagement that aims to bridge geopolitical, social, and economic divides. iLIT pursues two long-term goals in line with this mission. First, we are building an integrated, comprehensive body of interventions that address the structural disparities in the creation, regulation, and use of technology, from how students learn about these fields within our institution to hands-on programming and applied research on the creation and operation of public interest technology. Our second founding commitment prioritizes interdisciplinary study, training, and action. Our founding faculty and
leadership bring a wealth of experience with multilateral spaces, community and movement-aligned lawyering, and socio-legal engagement across disciplines and geographical environments. The founding ambition of the Institute is to build a platform that offers sustained support to collaboration across fields as an essential yet under-resourced mode of practice. experiences through design challenges with special interests to HBCUs.