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T2T: Language Access Texting

T2T: Language Access Texting

T2T: Language Access Texting

This project began in a two-quarter class, and then continued through a research lab at Stanford University.

Member Institution

Stanford University

Case Study Lead(s)

Sahil Chopra, Judy Dunbar, Lily Liu, Belinda Mo, and William Penniman


T2T: Text to Translate

Executive Summary

T2T is a translation technology project implemented via text messaging to facilitate communication between legal aid lawyers and their clients, across language barriers.

It was built for non-English-speaking parents of special needs children and the stakeholders in the medical, legal, and education fields who advocate for and represent these families, as independent education plans were developed for the children.

The project was developed by students enrolled in a Stanford University project-based class taught over 20 weeks. The class was cross-listed in the Sociology Department and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, and it was open to both graduate students and undergraduates interested in public interest tech work.

T2T moved beyond the class with a pilot in partnership with a local legal aid group, and it is continuing to expand to other partners with support of a legal design research lab at Stanford Law School.