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Whether you're an organization or an individual, we want to make sure that you meet your goals.

Wednesday Webinars

Directed at anyone interested in the PIT sector, the webinars showcase conversations on topics related to technology, policy, etc. Working Groups are encouraged to pitch possible webinar collaborations between universities and schools. PIT-UN members are expected to promote the events on their campuses.

Webinar themes and topics are decided by the Communications Standing Committee and hosted by the New America PIT Team on a monthly basis.

Field Building Workshops

The PIT-UN team will design workshops that build skills and techniques that members have requested to boost PIT recognition. These workshops are directed at Designees and their teams.

Based on a member consultation, the workshops will focus on the expressed needs of the Network members and Designees.

Quarterly Calls

Every 3 months, PIT-UN hosts a mandatory Network meeting for Designees and their teams. These include reports from Working Group and Standing Committees as well as updates from Network members, New America, and our funders.

Annual Convening

Our most important event, our Annual Convening unites our partners from higher education, philanthropy, and public policy to discuss building the Public Interest Technology sector; hear from leaders and scholars about addressing systemic inequality; and discover how to use a career as a technologist for good.

It is also a particular moment for the Network members to work together to evaluate the past year’s advancements in the field, as well as plan for the year ahead. The Annual convening also serves as a place for the Working Groups and Standing Committees to meet and assess their goals and aims for each year. PIT-UN also announces its Network Grant Challenge winners publicly.

The annual convening is normally scheduled in October or November of each year and hosted by one of our member universities. It is coordinated by the members of the Network, expecting the Designees to support both their logistics and contents.