How to PIT: Student Reflections on the PKG Social Impact Program

Student Reflections on the PKG Social Impact Program

The Public Interest Technology University Network reached out to students from the Social Impact Internships and Employment Program at MIT’s Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center, which connects undergraduate students with internships for challenging opportunities that yield significant community impact, to hear firsthand how students can engage PIT.

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PIT-UN Launches PIT Case Study and Resources Website

PIT-UN launches scalable public interest tech pedagogy, many of them would point to a centralized hub of PIT class resources, and case studies where educators can share project-based work, students can find proof of PIT’s viability, and supporters can learn more about the field.

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Pitcases.Org, a PIT-UN Project Reflection

Howard University graduate student fellow, Dana McCalla, reflects on her work generating case studies for amidst campus closures and a national quarantine and overcoming challenges convincing faculty that their course was in fact a PIT project.

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