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Here are the categories for case studies and class resources housed on PIT Cases:

Use these categories to Explore our growing collection of case narratives, syllabi, and other resources that can help you as you work on establishing a new public interest tech class, or work on a project that’s focused on public interest tech.

Career Pipeline/Placement

Career Pipeline/Placement aims to provide new models for career training and placement, and/or support for individuals looking to build a public interest tech career.

Educational Offerings

Educational Offerings aim to create curriculum and experiential learning opportunities that offer students opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning.

Faculty & Institution Building

Faculty and institution building aim to aid pre- and post-tenure faculty in their efforts to develop public interest technology programming for students.

Strengthening the Public Interest Tech University Network

Strengthening the Public Interest Tech University Network aims to connect educators working in public interest technology and provide shared resources and opportunities.